Recognizing the importance of safety for owners of new or premium vehicles, E-Parktower incorporates technologies and practices to ensure that vehicles are protected against urban criminality, theft, and harsh weather conditions.

By combining state-of-the-art security technologies with a structure designed to endure severe weather, the E-Parktower provides car owners peace of mind. Whether it's the threat of theft in urban areas or the potential for damage from harsh weather conditions, the E-Parktower stands as a fortress, safeguarding vehicles and offering unparalleled protection in the modern urban landscape.


  • Mobile App Registration:

Access to the E-Parktower is controlled through a mobile app, ensuring that only registered users can operate the system. This digital gatekeeping makes unauthorized access extremely difficult.

  • 24/7 Operation by our Team:

Continuous monitoring and operation by the E- MobilitySolution team add an extra layer of security. The team's around-the-clock presence deters theft and ensures prompt response to any security concerns.


  • Designed for Extreme Weather:

The E-Parktower is built to withstand severe weather conditions, including heavy hail. Its construction meets the highest standards for resilience against earthquakes, demonstrating its capability to handle extreme natural events.

  • Comprehensive Weather Resistance:

Beyond earthquake safety, the structure is engineered to resist wind and adverse weather conditions, ensuring that vehicles parked within are shielded from the elements.