E-Parktower - Most important facts.

E-Parktower offers the highest ROI in the entire parking industry.

Welcome to E-Mobility Solution. We present to you the vertical E-Parktower, which is unique and, in its function, patented worldwide.

Horizontal space is becoming increasingly expensive and difficult to integrate into urban areas. Almost all major cities of the world have grown over centuries, and offer only limited opportunities for real estate developers, to realize projects without expensive solutions.

Our E-Parktower is unique. On just 60 square meters of space, up to 16 vehicles can be parked because we build vertically. To better visualize this, imagine the space of 2 vehicles, now accommodating 12, 14, or even 16 vehicles. This gives real estate developers the opportunity to use space more intelligently and create more living space, which in turn positively affects the return on investment.

Vertical parking is not a novelty and, in fact, was invented by Henry Ford, as parking already caused problems more than 100 years ago.

What have we improved? We solve not only the parking problem, but also integrate a charging station for each vehicle for e-vehicles, offer charging stations for e-bikes and e-scooters outside, and, install a digital advertising space, in 4.5, times 2.5 meters, to create a total of 5 different income streams.

No other company in the world offers this solution, and that's why our product has been patented worldwide. It is also ISO certified, and has been quality checked by TUV Nord Germany. It is marked with the CE mark necessary for Europe, as all components are 100% Made in Germany.

However, we have gone one step further. The entire park tower is equipped with heating inside, and, upon request, even comes with air conditioning. This guarantees optimal charging conditions at any time of the year, and eliminates the problem of external charging solutions that do not work, or only work to a limited extent due to cold winter weather.

The E-Parktower is also earthquake safe up to 6.0 on the Richter scale and was designed according to the requirements of Turkey, which is one of the worst earthquake regions in the world, and found to be safe by TUV.

To bind customers to the E-Parktower, one can reserve their parking spot, with or without a charging station, via a mobile application. This way, the customer does not have to guess or hope whether they will find a charging station at their destination, but can conveniently park their vehicle and attend to their business or private activities. We all know how important convenience is in our fast-paced times.

Comparing an external charging station with an E-Parktower parking space, the costs are the same or cheaper with our patented product. The E-Parktower is not just a parking garage or just a charging station. It is all in one, a unique solution for urban problems. Get in touch today to explore personalized solutions with us.