Benefits of Choosing Our Turnkey Solution:

E-MobilitySolution offers an all-inclusive turnkey solution for the E-Parktower, meticulously managing every aspect of logistics and project management from start to finish, at no additional cost. This comprehensive service, designed for ease and convenience, ensures a seamless process from the transportation of the E-Parktower from Germany to its final installation anywhere in the world, all included in our price.

  • All from one Hand:

    Opting for our turnkey solution means every detail, from global transportation to the final assembly, is expertly managed without any hidden fees. It simplifies the project for clients, guaranteeing that each phase is executed to perfection.

    Our commitment to a comprehensive, cost-inclusive service mirrors our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction, making the E-Parktower not just a product but a complete, hassle-free project delivered to your doorstep.

  • What's Included in Our Turnkey Solution:

    • Worldwide Transportation: Safe and timely delivery of the E-Parktower via container ship, handling all logistical aspects from Germany to your destination.

    • Customs and Importation: Efficient customs clearance, taking care of all documentation and procedures, avoiding delays and extra charges.

    • Transport to Construction Site: Coordination of transport from the port to the construction area, addressing any logistical challenge
  • Complete Planning and Installation:

    • Architectural and Static Planning: In-depth planning services by our architects and engineers, ensuring the E-Parktower integrates flawlessly with its surroundings.

    • Concrete Foundation Construction: Supervision of the durable concrete foundation's construction, essential for the E-Parktower's stability.

    • E-Parktower Mounting: Expert assembly and installation, ensuring safety andprecision throughout the process.